List : Best 35 Rabbi Captions part II (Text and Photos)

Top Best 35 Rabbi Captions part II with Texts and Photos
Best 35 Rabbi Captions part II with Texts and Photos

Are you looking for the best Rabbi Captions part II to share them on your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today we have gathered a list of the 35 top best Rabbi Captions part II and quotes that you can easily attach to your photos and publications on Instagram, let’s discover our collection of the best ones.

Best Rabbi Captions part II Texts and photos

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Best 35 Rabbi Captions part II with Text and Photos

With those things in mind we’ve selected a collection of +35 Rabbi Captions part II that will inspire your next IG picture and the way you look at life. Regardless if you want to share pictures with Rabbi Captions part II or you are seeking for 2020’s most trending instagram captions we got you covred ! check out our handpicked list :

The Hasidic rabbi, Zuscha, was asked on his deathbed what he thought the kingdom of God would be like. He replied, I don’t know. But one thing I do know. When I get there I am not going to be asked, ‘Why weren’t you Moses? Why weren’t you David?’ I am only going to be asked, ‘Why weren’t you Zuscha? Why weren’t you fully you?’ – Alan Loy McGinnis

Teach thy tongue to say ‘I do not know,’ and thou shalt progress. – Maimonides

[ Rabbi Shlomo ben Isaac] was the greatest commentator [of the Bible] we ever had. – Elie Wiesel

I would like now to shed light in your heart on the truth of things, for it was not my will, but that of the Father and my Rabbi, which was done that faithful night. – Judas Iscariot

Everyone needs a spiritual guide: a minister, rabbi, counselor, wise friend, or therapist. My own wise friend is my dog. He has deep knowledge to impart. He makes friends easily and doesn’t hold a grudge. He enjoys simple pleasures and takes each day as it comes. Like a true Zen master he eats when he is hungry and sleeps when he is tired. He’s not hung up about sex. Best of all, he befriends me with an unconditional love that human beings would do well to imitate. – Gary A. Kowalski

I persist in preferring philosophers to rabbis priests imams ayatollahs and mullahs. Rather than trust their theological hocus-pocus I prefer to draw on alternatives to the dominant philosophical historiography: the laughers materialists radicals cynics hedonists atheists sensualists voluptuaries. They know that there is only one world and that promotion of an afterlife deprives us of the enjoyment and benefit of the only one there is. A genuinely deadly sin. – Michel Onfray

I have ended as a Reform Rabbi, grateful to Christianity for so many good things. – Lionel Blue

To me designing has never been a job or profession. It’s a way of life, like a priest or rabbi. – Ed Benguiat

Jesus must have been married to have been called a rabbi. – Darrel Ray

Elohim, the name for the creative power in Genesis, is a female plural, a fact that generations of learned rabbis and Christian theologians have all explained as merely grammatical convention. The King James and most other Bibles translate it as God, but if you take the grammar literally, it seems to mean goddesses. Al Shaddai, god of battles, appears later, and YHWH, mispronounced Jehovah, later still. – Robert Anton Wilson

Reformed rabbis are generally political in nature. It’s almost like Islam, radicalized Islam in a way, to where it is just – radicalized Islam is less about religion than it is about politics. When you look at the Reform Judaism, it is more about politics. – Glenn Beck

I want a priest, a rabbi and a Protestant minister. I want to hedge my bets. – Wilson Mizner

Since this is the age of science, not religion, psychiatrists are our rabbis, heroin is our pork, and the addict is the unclean person. – Thomas Szasz

The Talmud tells a story about a great Rabbi who is dying, he has become a goses, but he cannot die because outside all his students are praying for him to live and this is distracting to his soul. His maidservant climbs to the roof of the hut where the Rabbi is dying and hurls a clay vessel to the ground. The sound diverts the students, who stop praying. In that moment, the Rabbi dies and his soul goes to heaven. The servant, too, the Talmud says, is guaranteed her place in the world to come. – Jonathan Rosen

I’m not a practicing kabbalist. I’m not a spiritual master. I’m not a rabbi. I don’t – but it’s part of who I am. – John Zorn

The Frankenstein of Communism is the product of the Jewish mind, and was turned loose upon the world by the son of a Rabbi, Karl Marx, in the hopes of destroying Christian civilization – as well as others. The testimony given before the Senate of the United States which is take from the many pages of the Overman Report, reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jewish bankers financed the Russian Revolution. – Kenneth Goff

Everybody’s talking about ministers, sinisters, banisters, and canisters, bishops, fishops, rabbis, and popeyes, bye-bye, bye-byes. – John Lennon

One rabbi compared wise men studying the law to children tossing a ball to one another: a first sage said the meaning was this, another said the meaning was that, one gave his opinion, another begged to differ. – Israel Shenker

We had no religion at all, but we were Jews in New Hampshire, and my sister – who is now a rabbi – said it best: We were, like, the only Jews in Bedford, New Hampshire, as well as the only Democrats, so we just kind of associated those two things together. My dad raised us to believe that paying taxes is an honor. – Roseanne Barr

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Every time I go into a new venture, I find a rabbi who has the business acumen to help me understand the mechanics of that industry, the costs involved in developing a product, and what you need to do in order to make a profit. – Russell Simmons

I am a reformed Taoist, part-time Buddhist, Hindu, animist, pagan, Jewish mystic, and Christian. I always got along great with priests and rabbis and mullahs and gurus, even though I spend most of my life constructively criticizing them. – Steven Van Zandt

I got a imam, I got a rabbi, I got a priest, I got a reverend – I got ’em all. But I don’t want to be holier-than-thou. I want to help everybody and still get some (sex). – Mike Tyson

I knew there was only one place to go. I sank down into the center of my soul, grew still, and listened to the Rabbi’s heartbeat. – Brennan Manning

Each generation of rabbis is necessarily less perfect than the rabbis that came before, since each generation is more removed from the perfection of the Garden. Therefore, no rabbi is allowed to overturn any of his forebears’ wisdom, since they are all, by definition, smarter than him. – Cory Doctorow

I’ve spoken with friends who are rabbis and priests and we’ve agreed that most people have an emotional attachment to their faith, a desire to fulfill their spiritual longings, but they are not experts in understanding the history of their religion. – Feisal Abdul Rauf

In mid-career, I was at one and the same time the rabbi of a major congregation, writing books, and teaching at Columbia. I didn’t spend enough time with my children. Now, when I get an all-important call, I sometimes say that I’m having lunch with my granddaughter. And I do not apologize – Arthur Hertzberg

An aged rabbi, crazed with liberalism, once said to me, We Jews are just ordinary human beings. Only a bit more so! – Lionel Blue

Everybody has to find it whatever helps. Religion is very helpful for people. A good friend is very helpful. A priest is very helpful. A rabbi is very helpful. You just have to find it. But when you get depressed or when you face a crisis, don’t feel you have to do it alone. – Sherry Lansing

I think Jewish history did away with a priesthood when the Temple was destroyed, and it became, supposedly, a religion of scholars. A rabbi is just a scholar. – Ben Katchor

I had a life experience that most of my – that none of my friends had. I remember I became everybody’s rabbi. Everybody who needed advice would talk to me, and it became an obvious thing. – Jeff Ross

We already have plenty of fundamentalism and fundamental sects like for instance Rabbi Schneerson and Chabad Lubavitch. They feel more secure because they are in the warm, caring/sharing community. This is the difference between community (Gemeinschaft) and what Ferdinand Tönnies called Gesellschaft: a kind of setting in which you have no rights to do anything unless you pay for it, and no right to get anything unless you prove that you are ‘credit worthy’. In a Gemeinschaft, however, you have a place at the table guaranteed whatever happens. – Zygmunt Bauman

Of course, afterward, I studied [commentary on the Bible by a Rabbi Moshe Dessauer] more closely. But, in truth, it doesn’t touch me. It doesn’t change my attitude toward the text. – Elie Wiesel

One day – I remember it was a Sabbath afternoon – I came to the synagogue with a book in my hand. I saw a commentary on the Bible by a certain Rabbi Moshe Dessauer, better known as Moses Mendelssohn. An elderly man came up to me – I was then maybe 10 or 12. What are you studying? he said. Dessauer’s commentaries, I said. So he gave me a slap on my face. – Elie Wiesel

I am not a priest, I am not an imam, I am not a rabbi and I am implementing the French laws on every French citizen. – Jacques Myard

From the Rabbis of the early Talmudic age I learned that there is never a last word on God. There’s, you always continue to question. Even God himself could be questioned and you can keep arguing with one another and there will be no end to this conversation about the divine because no human expression of God can be ultimate. – Karen Armstrong

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